Sweet Devon

First Impressions

There are lots of beautiful solo models on the web, but for me none compares to Sweet Devon. There´s something about her that I find to be perfect. I love her smile, I love her eyes, I love her body and I love the way she carries herself in picture galleries and videos. She´s a fully nude model and judging by some of the pictures on the tour she´s going to get naughty on the inside. I can´t wait to watch her masturbate or hook up with another chick. Hot Promises The tour is well designed and loaded with promotional material. At the top of the page they give you a look at pictures from the six latest updates, along with the dates on which they were added. Right off the bat you know the site is frequently and currently updated. Further down they begin with the pitch, promising you exclusive picture galleries and broadband videos of Devon, along with lesbian hookups and plenty of bonus content. Devon looks awfully good in the promo material and the member´s area should be grand.


They didn´t spent a lot of time when designing the member´s area, but they certainly made sure it was effective. Browsing is a breeze: they list the most recent updates at the top of the page and the rest of the content can be found just below that. Devon updates once a week like clockwork, although if you´ve been a member for a long time you´ll find that once a week just isn´t enough, especially if that update is a picture gallery.

If you´ve just joined you won´t mind that she only updates once a week because there´s a significant archive of content that you get to play around in. You should start with the list of most popular updates, which features the ten most visited photo sets and videos Devon has ever produced. They´re generally the best of the best and represent a perfect way to introduce yourself to one of the Lightspeed network´s hottest babes.

The content has been split into photos and videos. I´m typically partial to pictures on solo babe sites so that´s where my browser took me first. Devon has produced 40 photo galleries since the inception of her site, which is far less than many of her Lightspeed compatriots. Her site has been online for quite a while and she updates every week, so perhaps there was a time when she took a break. Each gallery has 30-70 images on average and they´ve been laid out in easy to use thumbnailed galleries.

Devon isn´t marketed as a teen babe, probably because there´s something about her that seems just a tad more mature than girls that age. Also, she´s got a great set of tits that you don´t typically see on an 18 year old. Given that, she doesn´t pose in the same kind of outfits you see on teen babe sites. Her outfits are a little less cutesy and are better designed to show off her curves, her big breasts and her tight ass. Also, Devon is so incredibly beautiful that no matter what she´s posing in she looks great. She has a good sense of how to work her body for the camera and she uses that to her advantage when doing her photo shoots.

There are a few galleries worth mentioning because they stand out from the rest. The first is a guy-girl gallery with her presumed boyfriend Rick. They´re in a locker room and she´s posing in a cheer outfit while he´s the basketball jock. The gallery ends at the point where they´d begin foreplay, but it´s enjoyable to see her with a guy, especially since he gets friendly with her tits. There´s also a fantastic shoot where she poses as a Lightspeed cheerleader. The outfit is baby blue with a cropped top and a short skirt and she wears it well. Finally, she works a pair of black leather pants in one set that will blow your mind.

Like with the image galleries Devon has skimped a little on the video clips. There are twenty, but many of them are neutered because they´re just filmed versions of her photo shoots. It´s great watching a bunch of hot chicks get naked, but when they tease us by almost going down on each other or almost kissing it´s just a complete let down. I desperately wanted to see my favorite young model make out with another girl or go down on another girl, but it was not to be. The videos in which it seems like that might happen just end up being teases. Instead of going all the way the girls merely hover over each other while the photographer snaps a shot.

There are two videos in which Devon and another hottie are jumping on a trampoline while in cheer outfits. They´re doing it for a photo shoot, as the camera flash indicates, but it´s still incredibly hot. Both girls look good, especially when they get topless while leaving their skirts on. There are also a few solo videos in which Devon´s sole intention is to please us. In one she strips from a tiny black dress and reveals her gorgeous body for the camera. In another she takes a bath and plays with her pussy.

The bonus content is impressive as well. First you can access the Best of Lightspeed, a compilation of the most popular picture galleries from the most popular Lightspeed girls. It´s a good way to check out what the other babes have to offer in case you want to upgrade your membership (which is reasonably priced). Then there are the leased feeds. You get more than 125 in total and each has something unique to offer. My favorites are the eight dedicated solely to cheerleaders, but they also have a number with traditional hardcore sex, a few panty based feeds, lesbian sex, porn stars, teens and more.

Croco´s Opinion

When compared to other sites in the niche SweetDevon is a little skimpy on content. However, those other sites don´t star Devon, one of the most beautiful young women on the web. It´s my opinion that she´s the most beautiful young woman on the web, but I recognize that not everyone will feel that way. If you appreciate her beauty then a membership to her site is worth it. If not, then it´s probably worth spending the extra $10 to join the entire Lightspeed network (31 sites) and enjoy all the ladies that come with that cash.


They´ve kept things simple in the member´s area and that´s a benefit when it comes to ease of use. Browsing the picture galleries is easy because they´re laid out very well and the videos are the same. They even offer five formats for each scene.

Pricing Policy

$29.95 for 30 days access. $34.95 for 30 days access plus 5 premium bonus sites. $39.95 for 30 days access plus 30 premium bonus sites (the entire Lightspeed network).

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